What size knob or pull should I get?

What size knob or pull should I get?

Posted by The Knob Shop on 5th Apr 2019

You just installed new cabinets and drawers and now you have to decide what size pull you want and where to place them! 

This is a very crucial step when it comes to expressing the overall feel you would like in the room. You can have long handles on a drawer or 2 smaller handles or even a knob in the center of the drawer or 2 knobs. The options are endless! Let us try to help you decide what works best for you :)

The "normal" rule is small surfaces use small hardware while larger surfaces use larger hardware. A typical size for base cabinets can run from 12" to 36" while upper wall cabinets are sometimes taller. Anything larger usually requires larger pulls from 6" to 12" center-to-center holes. If a drawer is 18" or less, a single knob or handle should do the trick! Anything large may require a longer pull or even 2 knobs/pulls depending on your decorating style.

Selecting the Right Size!

Let's first start with your cabinet doors. 

This first picture is an average size cupboard. As you can see, the 12" appliance pull looks too big for that size door and can feel overwhelming while the 3" handle pull may feel too small but not always. The 5" (128mm) handle pull is both functional and very pleasing to the eye. Remember, the longer the pull the taller the cabinet door will feel which can make the room feel more powerful instead of cozy. 

This second picture is a taller cupboard. As you can see, the 12" appliance pull looks perfect for that size door and the 3" handle pull is way too small and can look cartoonish. The 5" (128mm) handle pull is a little small but at the same time will work well too! 

Placing Your Pulls in the Correct Spot!

The general rule to follow is the "rule of thirds" since it is the most pleasing to the eye :) As you can see by the picture below, the top 3 cabinets are upper/wall cabinets and the bottom 3 cabinets are base cabinets which usually have a counter top resting above them. 

Drawers are super easy! These drawers are 18" and as you can see you can have 1 or 2 pieces of hardware and you can swap out pulls for knobs. If the drawer is longer than 18" most people will use 1 large appliance handle or 2 large handles. It really depends if you like to open drawers with 1 hand (hardware is in the middle of the drawer) or with 2 hands (hardware is place 1/3 in from each side). When it comes down to it, it is a choice preference. Totally depends on your taste!

In the end, just remember this is your home and if you don't want to follow the "guidelines" you don't have to! Do what makes you happy :)