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Posted by The Knob Shop on 24th Dec 2022

Different Types of Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are opened and closed countless times a day. It is important to select the appropriate hinges for your door style and specific needs.

Different Types of Cabinet Hinges

You would think that a cabinet hinge is very basic and standard but that is not the case. These small pieces of cabinet hardware come in a variety of styles with different looks and features.


Concealed (hidden) hinges are designed to not be seen when the cabinet door is closed. This is the modern style today.

Traditional Hinges

Traditional hinges have been used for many years and offer a more vintage look since the barrel of the hinge can be seen when the cabinet door is closed. These are mainly variable overlay and inset.

Wrap Hinges

Wrap hinges have a unique shape that wraps around the edge of the cabinet.

Demountable Hinges

Demountable hinges come in both wrap and inset styles and comes with mounting plates instead of screws. The single demountable hinge only mounts with screws on the inside of the frame and a double demountable hinge has no mounting screws. These require special holes on the cabinet door.

Cabinet Hinge Mounting Styles

The design of the cabinet door will determine which hinge mounting design is needed.

Full Overlay

This is when the cabinet door sits on top of the door frame.


This is when the cabinet door sits inside the door frame.

Making Final Hinge Decisions

After figuring out what style and type of hinge you need, don't forget to consider brands and the finish color. Matching brands of hinges with other cabinet hardware will ensure the finish color matches perfectly. If the barrel of the hinge is exposed, the finish is very important. Changing out cabinet hinges is a great DIY project that will give your room a complete upgrade!