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Add Some Glitter!

Posted by Danielle on 6th Apr 2023

Add Some Glitter!

Grays have matured and are more than just simple light and dark but have been combined with sophisticated undertones which is the next step to a timeless design trend.

With that said, you may reconsider adding some glitter to your cabinetry! We live in a world full of matte black and golds and pairing grays with other colors is often overlooked. You can add a mirrorlike spark with polished nickel and polished chrome finishes. To complete the transition you can use a handle that has a crystal clear accent with a polished shiny base.

Glacio Collection

Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel Cabinet Knobs!

Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel Cabinet Handles and Pulls!

Also, going with the same finish throughout a room is in the past. The beauty with mirrorlike silvers is their versatility when it comes to pairing with many other finishes out there.

Mixed Finishes