How to Identify Your Hinge

How to Identify Your Hinge

Posted by The Knob Shop on 24th Jan 2019

We can help you identify your cabinet hinge, find a replacement and ship it to you hassle free

So, you want to replace your cabinet hinges but have no idea what kind to get. What a hassle!! Let us try to help you :) as we are specialists in identifying cabinet hinges. 

First of all, let us figure out what style you have.. There mainly 4:

     FLUSH VARIABLE OVERLAY                            INSET                        

       FLUSH VARIABLE OVERLAY HINGE               INSET / OFFSET HINGE                 

                  WRAP                                              DEMOUNTABLE

         WRAP HINGE                   DEMOUNTABLE HINGE

Secondly, does your hinge have a spring or no?

         NO SPRING                          LOADED SPRING


If you still don't know what to buy or your hinge does not fit in the categories above, please send us a picture to from these angles:

         SIDE VIEW                             TOP VIEW


Hopefully, this will put you in the right direction!!